October 2020 - Look Closer

I am in the business of turning images into tangible form. With the launch of this website, I am now doing the same with a personal dream,

I am at the vanguard of a new computer-aided art style that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago.  In short, I have developed techniques that let me render my two-dimensional images into three dimensions.  It is complex, demanding, and devoid of how-to instructions or peers - basically an innovators dream.  My dream.

I am not a born artist.  Art has found me through technology, and a humble interest has blossomed into a passion. I have journeyed here along many routes and through many disciplines - law, science, computers, fatherhood - and each experience shapes my perspective in ways that can be contrasting, unifying and unique. I look for odd angles, discordant images and contrasting media. This is the spirit that I bring to my designs.

I am currently developing two design styles:

Sculptural Images

Part photograph, part sculpture, part lino-graph.

Using material printers and digital manipulations of photographs, images are built up in layers - 50 to 250 of them - and crafted with colours, gaps and contours to create sculptural images that are rich with tone and detail.  Each work is almost always based on my own photography, and the result of meticulous planning, computer refinement and up to 250 hours of carefully monitored printing. It is a labour of love.



If photography is captured light, eLuminations are photographs with their light emancipated.

Using computer-aided design and proprietary photogrammetry techniques, light joins forces with art to create dramatic three-dimensional images from photographs. Sometimes the effect is photo realistic. Sometimes the image is a composition of shadows. Sometimes it is a bit of both. Light will cause colours to blend, shadows to form and tones to intensify, all while filling the room with a glow.


I have many people to thank for helping to bring this site to life, but it is always best to start at home with the family that has supported me.  I am also grateful to the Digital Mainstreet Shop Here program, and to the assistance of my programmer Colin Jones who helped to translate ideas into reality.

Coinciding nicely with the launch of this website is news that I have been selected by a jury as an official entry into Fusion Art’s 5th Anniversary Online Art Competition Online Juried Art Exhibition.

For now follow me on Instagram and I'll keep you in the loop with new designs.  And please connect with me for feedback.