Artist's Statement & Bio

Artist’s Statement:

Look closer. Can you see it? There is an extra dimension to my work. 

I compose sculptural images in three dimensions using digital design tools, and then give them form with material printers.  Deploying my own techniques and processes, I have essentially turned industrial tools into a painter's palette, letting me build without limit.

Art has been awakened in me through technology, and a humble interest has blossomed into a passion. I have journeyed here along many routes and through many disciplines - lawyer, adventure traveller, student of science, fatherhood - and each experience shapes the perspective and dimensions that I bring to my art.  From law - I learned to communicate complexity with simplicity; from adventure travel - that I must search to find; from science - the importance of detail; and from fatherhood - the insight that when the time comes to stop fussing and step back, and that’s when things really get interesting. This is the spirit that I bring to my designs.

With each new project I seek the limits of my artistic methods and my own creativity. My passion and enthusiasm grows with each new project and with the connections that they creates within the community of artists and art lovers. One of my greatest thrills is to put the right creation in the hands of the right art appreciator - magic happens.

I live, laugh and work in Toronto, Canada.

Shows and Competitions: